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Soulection at the Park 7.15.23, by René Ponce- Urban Colors Photography

Dear Friend of Levitt LA,

As we close 2023 and reflect on our work and the community we build every year, we want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! Your support made it possible for us to host 31 shows with 23,000 audience members engaged through in-person concerts and 17,000 via online programming. Over 200 music artists lit up the stage at MacArthur Park and places across the city. While there has been growth and transformation within the organization’s “Sweet 16” year, there’s still work to be done to ensure Levitt LA can continue the important work of bringing free music to all and building connections through the arts that make our entire city stronger.

Music has the power to unite and uplift. Every time we hit the lawn; we feel that magic. And it’s that magic that helps us bring in diverse audiences and community-based partnerships that deepen our impact.

Levitt LA has accomplished so much this year, and we need your end of year tax-deductible donation to keep the momentum going into 2024 and beyond. Your donation of:

$16 covers one meal for an artist or team member.

$160 helps cover the monthly cost of Levitt LA’s livestreaming platform.

$1600 ensures Levitt LA can hire professional photographers/videographers for 3-4 concerts.

$16,000 pays for a headlining performer.

Every dollar you give will help ensure that Levitt LA continues to be a safe place to gather, where artists are celebrated and a source of sonic joy for all regardless of age, income, ability, immigration status or any other thing that can be a barrier to accessing live music.


*Throughout the season, 30 local organizations hosted outreach tables on the lawn to share resources and offer artmaking activities for all ages.

*Another 20+ community partners shared their resources and vision to curate concerts representative of the cultural diversity of our city.

*Over 30 workers made magic behind the scenes and on the lawn to make each concert go smoothly. And Levitt LA’s Production Team became members of the IATSE Union, demonstrating our commitment to build an organization that serves our community in every way, including the amazing workers.

*Our media presence and partnerships with local and international outlets reached over one million people.

*We became a majority BIPOC-led organization whose staff and Board are dedicated to building the long-term sustainability of Levitt LA.

Creating unforgettable musical memories together at a cultural destination in the heart of Los Angeles is an honor. Thank you for donating and being part of this journey with us. We look forward to continuing to build together one of the best community-driven spaces for live music in LA.

Musically yours,

Allegra Padilla, Executive Director
Sidney Kimme, Director of Operations
Paul Cheatham III, Production Manager
Levitt LA Board of Directors
…and all who come together each summer to make the musical magic happen!

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The historic Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles venue is available to rent with or without its state-of-the-art sound equipment, lighting equipment, and/or LED video wall. Levitt LA’s sound equipment, lighting equipment, and LED video wall are also available to rent for off-site events.

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