I am honored to step into the Executive Director role with Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles. Thank you to the Board of Directors and staff who trust me with this tremendous undertaking. As a Chicana born and raised in Los Angeles it is a tremendous privilege to be in a leadership role for an organization that is in the heart of our city. I want to thank all of the team members past and present whose contributions led us to this momentous occasion of celebrating 16 years of free concerts at MacArthur Park. We owe our success to all the audience members, artists, volunteers, neighbors, and partners who work alongside us and uplift the diversity of Los Angeles and beyond though music and community building.

My path to this role was possible with the inspiration of many colleagues in the field, mentors who guide me, and the support from groups like Women of Color in the Arts, artEquity, Arts For LA, and others who cultivate learning and mutual aid spaces.

I want Levitt LA to help set a precedent that a thriving arts and cultural space is central to public safety, community wellbeing and civic engagement. Being rooted in a neighborhood that is navigating gentrification I want Levitt LA to elevate a sense of pride for the current residents while uplifting the many cultures that make our city incredible. A place where history is honored and where current cultural expressions can expand.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are at the core of my values as someone who has been part of social justice efforts over the years. It is an ongoing learning process and there needs to be action behind our words. For the first time in its history Levitt LA is a BIPOC majority and led organization on the staff and Board levels. There is still much work to do in addressing the inequities that exist in our work and the field.

As an arts administrator I want to ensure we are taking care of the behind-the-scenes team and the many artists we work with- during and beyond the season. Levitt LA should continue to be a space where artists are moving to the next step of their careers due to performing here and where they feel at home from the moment, they step backstage to closing their sets.

I want this organization to be where people are proud to work together, putting together a season of concerts that bring joy to so many.

To thrive we will need your support. I invite you to become a sustaining donor, sponsor, share fundraising ideas and contribute in any way that can make this work possible for another 16 years and beyond. We will count on all of you to contribute su granito de arena / your grain of sand to make this organization what it deserves to be. I am here to listen and take action together to ensure that the legacy of free music for all ages continues through the work of Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles.

Musically yours,

Allegra Padilla

Post by Abner Jacobson